Database Searches in the BellesLink App


Who was it that said, ‘everything will be mobile’? I don’t know. But if nobody has said it yet, they should, and ‘everything’ includes skip tracing.

BellesLink has just added database searches to its mobile app. Never before have you been able to search databases so easily while working in the field.

Now when you’re away from your computer you can still skip trace to find people faster. No more waiting until you’re back in the office. You’ve got the essential searches you need to skip trace from anywhere.

  • Reverse phone number
  • Reverse address
  • Skip tracing by name, address or SSN

The BellesLink app is still the best solution to the burner phone problem. Now it gives you the convenience mobile searches, too.

Watch our video demo of the new search features, then download the app for iOS or Android today.

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