New! Pro & Business Subscription Plans

Pro and Business Skip Tracing Plan Icons
Not too long ago public records data was only available to businesses who could afford high subscription fees and large monthly minimums. But, many businesses can benefit from using public data. In fact we’d argue it’s a better investment than advertising for directly reaching potential customers for a professional services business like real estate. Since businesses come in all sizes, BellesLink has created subscription plans to fit them.

The Pro Plan

$9.95 per month

Our new Pro Plan is for businesses who need to access to accurate public records data, but don’t do skip tracing everyday. It includes the same data and the same searches as our Business Plan so search results are the most accurate available.

  • Batch Search is as low as $0.35 per search with no minimum batch size.
  • Premium and Standard searches, such as reverse number, use search credits. Thirty are included. If you need more, additional credits can be purchased as you go.
  • Our business phone & text system is included so you can call or text directly from search results. You get 100 minutes per month.
  • Our skip tracing CRM, mobile app, and live customer support is all included, too.
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    The Business Plan

    $99.95 per month

    We created our Business Plan for businesses who use skip tracing in their sales and operations everyday. These businesses need more searches, more phone minutes, and want the lowest available price for Batch Search. This plan is similar to our Flat-Rate Plan which it replaces.

    The Business Plan includes one free Batch Search and per search pricing as low as $0.35 per record. It includes 300 search credits that can be used for Premium and Standard searches, such as People or Property Search.

    Customers on the Business plan are getting the most out of BellesLink by using our business phone & text system to make calls and send text right from their skip tracing results. They also use the BellesLink phone numbers to route inbound calls to custom messages they’ve created to market their services when they can’t answer.
    Get more details on our pricing page »

    Skip Tracing Works for Every Business

    In a market where advertising and direct mail are getting more expensive and delivering fewer returns, skip tracing with public records data is a faster, more cost-effective way to reach potential customers. Instead of mailing postcards, skip tracing gets you current phone numbers. Instead of waiting for a mailer response, you can call and start a conversation immediately.

    Public records data isn’t just for big companies anymore. BellesLink’s new Pro Plan makes skip tracing a fit for every business.