In this tutorial we’ll take a closer look at the features of the Calls page. You can find it in Call Activity/Calls. It’s the central hub for all incoming, placed, and recorded calls.

The Calls page shows you a list of all your incoming, placed, and recorded calls. From each call record you can listen to a voicemail, listen to call recording, download a voicemail, return the call, or block the number.

The “Call From” shows you which number called you, the time the call was received shown in your local time, and the duration of the call. The “Caller ID” tells you the caller ID for the number who called you. The “Call To” tells you which of your numbers received the call. The name shown is the alias assigned to that number in your Number Setup.

You can also add a number to a case by clicking the green plus sign. You can add the number to an existing case or create a new one. All you cases can be found in the Case Manger.

You may need to adjust the date range in the Search Options if you don’t see the call you are looking for listed.

Customer Support

If you have question about using the calls page contact customer support at 970-328-0440 or email us at