In this tutorial we’ll take a look at how to setup and use the Call Monitor.

The Call Monitor is a popup browser window that lets you see and manage incoming calls when you logged into your BellesLink account on a desktop or laptop computer. Like all BellesLink phone features, it requires that you use the Google Chrome browser.

To launch the Call Monitor go to Call Activity/Calls and click the graphic on the left of the page below the search box. A new browser window will launch and announce it’s “Ready and Waiting for Calls.”
BellesLink Calls Page

Microphone Required

To answer calls in your browser you will need a microphone. You can use:

  • The microphone which is built into your laptop or tablet.
  • Mobile phone earbuds with a microphone that plugged into the headphone jack of your laptop.
  • An external USB microphone for your laptop or desktop
  • A USB headphone/microphone headset.

It is best to use headphones to hear the call you are answering and not to rely on your computer speakers.

Google Chrome Settings

You may need to adjust your Google Chrome settings to allow the Call Monitor to work.

  • Turn off popup blocking for
  • Allow Google Chrome to access to your microphone.

BellesLink Call Monitor Microphone Settings

Transfer Settings

To use the Call Monitor at least one of your BellesLink numbers must have its call action set to “transfer call”. You can see the call action for each number by going to Setup/Number Setup. Refer to our tutorial on Number Setup for details.
Setting the call action to “transfer call” can also be done the Global Transfer Options at Setup/Transfer Options. The global transfer settings can then be applied to a number in its number setup. Refer to the tutorial on Global Transfer Options for more details.

Troubleshooting Instructions

If you’re having trouble getting the Call Monitor working, we have a trouble shooting guide to help you in the Other tab in the Call Monitor window.
BellesLink Call Monitor Troubleshooting

Customer Support

If you have question about using the Call Monitor contact customer support at 970-328-0440 or email us at