Opt-Ins are required.

Federal regulations require that you, as a business, have expressed written consent, an opt-in, from your customers before you text to them. The customer’s consent should be record in the system you’re texting from. Compliance with these regulations is built into BellesLink.

For your business, a text opt-in is a valuable connection with your customer. BellesLink has tools to help you request text opt-ins so you can text 1-to-1 with your customers.

To get an opt-in, ask for it.

For businesses who rely on cold calling, the best way to get an opt-in is to ask for it when you have the customer on a phone call. In BellesLink, you can send them an opt-in request text message while on the call with them. When your customer replies YES to your opt-in request text, you have now got their expressed written consent to receive texts from your business and you are free to text to them.

Asking for an opt-in during a call is a simple, yet powerful way to build a valuable connection with that customer.

How to ask for an opt-in

Every business person knows that building rapport with a customer is essential. Ask for a text opt-in is no different. At the appropriate moment in the conversation, ask if you can text them some information. If they agree, let them know you need their permission to text with them, so you will first send them an opt-in request. Once they have replied YES to your request, their opt-in will be recorded and you can text them the information.

A conversation example

[You] I’d be happy to send you some more information. Can I text it to you?

[Customer] Sure. That would be great.

[You] Before I do, I just need your permission to text you. Federal regulations require it and we like to do things the right way. I’m sending you an opt-in request text now. Reply YES then I’ll text you the information.

[Customer] Sure. No problem. I just got your request and replied YES.

[You] Great. I just got it and I’m sending a text with the information we discussed.

The follow-up text

It’s best to send a simple, direct follow-up text and we strongly suggest you include the five signals of a trustworthy text. Have a pre-written text message you can reply quickly once you get the customer’s opt-in.

An example of a trustworthy text.

The five trust signals are:

  1. Include the recipient’s name
  2. Include your name and business name
  3. Write a clear, simple message
  4. Include a website url in your message that matches your business name.
  5. Include a phone number where you can be reached. This should be the toll-free number you’re texting from.

A text example

Here is what your opt-in request text, your customers reply, and your follow-up text will look like on the Text Messages page in your account. You can see the conversation includes your request, the opt-in, a confirmation, and your follow-up message.

Opt-In request texts

In BellesLink, the opt-in request texts you send to customers are pre-formatted to meet Federal regulations. They include your business name and simple opt-in instructions.

The business name used is from your account settings. If you need to change the business name used in your opt-in requests, contact customer support.

How to send an opt-in request

During a call, you’ll see the Request Opt-in button in the call controls. Clicking that button will bring up the Send Opt-in dialog box. Click Send and you’re done.

Sending the request will create a new text conversation. The conversation will be visible on your Text Messages page and in the customer’s contact record, if you’ve created one.

Limits on opt-in requests

You can send two opt-in requests to a number. If your customer has not opted-in after two requests, you will not be able to make a third request or text them.

Customers can opt-in at any time. If they don’t opt-in right away, you can encourage them to do so later.

The value of on opt-in

An opt-in to receive texts from you is a valuable connection with your customer. Texting can still be communication strategy worth investing your time into, event though Federal regulations requiring expressed written consent are strict.

We have found the best, most effective way for you to obtain text opt-ins, and remain compliant with the regulations, is to ask for an opt-in when on a phone call with your customer. We have built tools into our platform to make an opt-in request easy to add to your regular workflow and trustworthy for your customers.

If you have questions about how to implement text opt-ins in your business, use the contact page to send us a note.