Guide to Texting Compliance in BellesLink

  1. Sending Text Opt-In Requests
  2. Customizing Opt-in Requests
  3. Text Messaging Opt-in Settings
  4. Toll-Free Texting Number Settings


Opt-Ins Are Required for Texting

Federal regulations require that you, as a business, have express written consent, an opt-in, from your customers before you text to them. Compliance with these regulations is built into BellesLink.

For your business, a text opt-in is a valuable connection with your customer. BellesLink has tools to help you request text opt-ins so you can text 1-to-1 with your customers.

You Can Customize Opt-in Requests

You can customize your opt-in request messages to make them more descriptive of your business and more effective at creating opt-ins. The customizable elements of your messages are: business name, website url, and business details. We encourage you to include all these elements in your opt-in requests. They build credibility and trust with your customers and ultimately create more text opt-ins from your customers.

We have a tutorial on creating and sending Customizing Opt-in Request Messages, so check that out for more details.

Text Message Opt-In Settings

You can add business names and website URLs for customizing text opt-in request messages using the Text Message Opt-In Settings page in your account.

In your account, go to Setup > Text Messaging > Opt-in Settings.

The business names and URLs you add must be approved by BellesLink before they are available to be used. You will receive an email notification when they are approved.

Business Name

For compliance and performance, your business name is an important element in an opt-in request. You may be using an operating business name that is different from the your legal business name which is used for billing in your BellesLink account.

So that your customers see your operating name in opt-in requests, not your billing business name, you can add your that name to your account using the Text Message Opt-In Settings.

To be approved, a business name must be a valid operating name or brand name that is used in your business marketing.

Operating vs Legal Business Name Example

The legal name of this business is TRS Services LLC and that is what’s used for BellesLink billing. But the operating name they use with customers is True Real Estate Services. So, that’s that name should appear in their opt-in request messages. The operating name should be added to their account.

Adding a Business Name

To add a business name, use the Add Business Name button. Enter the name and click Add. The business names you add have to be approved by BellesLink. Once approved, you’ll receive an email notification.

Website URL

Including a website url in your opt-in requests gives customers an easy way to check if your message is legitimate. It’s your responsibility to prove your message isn’t SPAM. Of course, a webpage is also a way to share information about your business that can’t fit in a text.

The website URLs you add must have a domain name that matches your business name or a social media page, such as Linkedin, owned by your business.

Like adding business names, the website URLs you add to your account must be approved by BellesLink.

Adding a Website URL

To add a website URL, use the Add URL button. Enter the URL and click Add. The URLS you add have to be approved by BellesLink. Once approved, you’ll receive an email notification.

Setup Your Opt-In Request for Success

We encourage you to customize your opt-in request messages to make them more effective. Adding your operating business name and website URLs make your message more credible and trustworthy. We all receive a lot of SPAM texts. Make sure your opt-in request represent the value your business offers its customers.


  1. Add business names and URLs to your account using the Text Messages Opt-in Settings.
  2. Add your operating name to your account, if it’s different than your legal business name.
  3. Add a website URL so your text opt-in requests are more credible and trustworthy.
  4. Business names and URLs have to be approved by BellesLink.


Disclaimer: Please note that this advice is for informational purposes only and is neither intended as nor should be substituted for consultation with appropriate legal counsel and/or your organization’s regulatory compliance team.