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Data Export Makes BellesLink Flexible

The BellesLink skip tracing platform is made for small businesses who need effective and flexible tools for finding and contacting customers. Flexible tools let businesses create the workflow that works best for them. Our customers are always improving and refining their workflows, so we make BellesLink flexible and easy to use.

We know our customers stack BellesLink together with other software tools for marketing, sales, and customer service, so we make it easy to export your data and results from BellesLink. Your data is never stuck in BellesLink. You have multiple ways to export your data for use in other parts of your business. Like exporting your call activity.

Exporting Your Call Activity

The Call Activity screen in your BellesLink account is a log of all your incoming and outgoing calls, missed calls, voicemails, and call recordings. On the main menu go to Calls, then Call Activity.

You can export your call data to evaluate how many calls of each type occurred within a given period of time. When combined with sales data, this can be a useful way to track call performance.

Filter Your Calls List

Before you export your calls list, use filters to choose the calls you want.

  1. Filter the calls list by name or by phone number by using the filter box.
  2. Choose the type of calls you want to export: All Calls, Voicemails, Recorded, or Missed.
  3. Choose the date range you want to export.

Export Your Calls

Use the Export button to download a CSV spreadsheet of your filtered calls list.

Use Your Activity Export to Track Call Performance

Your exported Call Activity includes data you can use to evaluate you call performance. When combined with your sales results, your call activity can help you determine how many calls it took you to close a deal or make a sale.

Suggested Call Metrics

Here are some simple metrics you can create using filters on your spreadsheet. Basic knowledge of spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel, is required.

  1. Divide the number of voicemails received by the number of calls made to get the percentage of callbacks.
  2. Divide the number of calls made by the number of days exported to get an average daily call volume.
  3. Divide the number of calls by the number of sales closed to get an average calls per sale.

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