Guide to Texting Compliance in BellesLink

  1. Sending Text Opt-In Requests
  2. Customizing Opt-in Requests
  3. Text Messaging Opt-in Settings
  4. Toll-Free Texting Number Settings


Better Opt-in Requests

You can customize your opt-in request messages to make them more descriptive of your business and more effective at creating opt-ins. The customizable elements of your messages are: business name, website url, and business details. We encourage you to include all these elements in your opt-in requests. They build credibility and trust with your customers and ultimately create more text opt-ins from your customers.

Text Message Opt-In Settings

You can add business names and website URLs for customizing text opt-in request messages using the Text Message Opt-In Settings page in your account. In your account, go to Setup > Text Messaging > Opt-in Settings.

The business names and URLs you add must be approved by BellesLink before they are available to be used. You will receive an email notification when they are approved.

To be approved, a business name must be a valid DBA (doing business as) name or brand name used in your business marketing. URLs must have a domain name that matches your business name or a social media page, such as Linkedin, owned by your business.


Legal business name: TRS Services LLC
Operating name for opt-in requests: True Real Estate Services
Website URL for opt-in requests:

Business Name

For compliance and performance, your business name is an important element in an opt-in request. You may be using a DBA (doing business as) name that is different from the business billing name in your BellesLink account.

So your customers see your DBA name in opt-in requests, not your billing business name, you can add your DBA name to your account using the Text Message Opt-In Settings.

Website URL

Including a website url in your opt-in requests gives customers an easy way to check if your message is legitimate. It’s your responsibility to prove your message isn’t SPAM. Of course, a webpage is also a way to share information about your business that can’t fit in a text.

Like adding business names, you add website urls to your account using the Text Message Opt-In Settings, and the must be approved by BellesLink.

Business Details

To make your opt-in request more relevant to your customer use the business details section to describe what your business does and the reason opting in would be valuable.

The maximum length of the details section is 280 characters, including spaces. Business details do not need approval from BellesLink, like business names and urls do, but prohibited content rules still apply.

You Can’t Text SHAFT

Prohibited content includes SHAFT—sex, hate, alcohol, firearms, and tobacco. Including content related to any of these topics in your opt-in or any of your messages is considered one of the highest violations, and may result in an immediate ban.

Customized Message Examples

Standard Opt-in Message

This message has no customization.

Customized Opt-in Message Structure

This example shows where each element fits within the structure of the message.

[Your Business Name] would like to send you text messages about [Business Details-optional] Reply YES to opt-in, reply STOP to cancel. For more information call [Your Texting Number] or visit [Website URL-optional]. Standard msg rates apply.

Customized Opt-in Message Example

This example shows all the basic and customized elements together.

Compliance and Best Practices

While complying with Federal regulations for texting can feel daunting, customized opt-in request messages in BellesLink make it easy for you to use best practices to build a valuable connection with you customer and get their express written consent to receive texts from your business.

Customizing your business name and including a website URL build credibility and trust with your customers. Including business details helps customers understand the reason you’re contacting them and value they will receive from opt-ing in.


  1. Customize your opt-in request messages with a business name, URL, and business details.
  2. Customized opt-in requests build credibility with your customers and create more text opt-ins.
  3. Add business names and URLs to your account on the Text Messages Opt-in Settings screen.
  4. Business names and URLs have to be approved by BellesLink.


Disclaimer: Please note that this advice is for informational purposes only and is neither intended as nor should be substituted for consultation with appropriate legal counsel and/or your organization’s regulatory compliance team.