Local Phone Numbers, Local Presence, Matters for Your Business

Local Phone Numbers Matter for Skip Tracing
When it comes to skip tracing and the business of finding people, local presence dialing makes a better call impression and gets your calls answered more often. In fact, your calls are four times more likely to be answered when you call from a local area code.

Toll-free numbers have the lowest answer-rate because people know they come from businesses. Calls from out-of-state area codes do slightly better, but still have an answer-rate that is three times less than local area codes.

Your calls are 4X more likely to be answered when you call from a local area code.

Ninety percent of U.S. adults own mobile phones. Mobile number portability means many people are making calls using an out-of-state number. While that might be ok amongst friends and family, low answer-rates cost businesses time and money when they don’t use local numbers.

A Local Phone Number Will Be Answered More

The reason why local presence dialing works is simple, most of the people we know, most of the things we do, are local. Because of that, all of us are more likely to take a chance on answering a local number we don’t recognize.

No matter the type of business you’re in, when you’re calling someone—a lead, a skip, an account owner—who does not know you, using a local number is the best way to get your call answered.

Local Numbers in Every U.S. State

Most phone services can’t give you a local presence everywhere. BellesLink has local numbers in every U.S. state, including nearly all U.S. area codes. Wherever your business needs to call, you can have a local presence using BellesLink.

Caller ID Control for Better Local Numbers

If a local area code is the most important part of a good call impression, then the caller ID name is a close second. The caller ID name is the text that displays with the number, identifying who owns it.

To make a good call impression and get a high answer-rate, choose a caller ID name that’s compliant and adds credibility to your call. Something simple and generic is works best.

Caller ID Control for Every Call

Your generic caller ID name won’t be right for every call. So, customize it whenever you need. In BellesLink caller ID changes are easy, just type in the new name when you place a call.

These small changes will make your local dialing presence, your local numbers, even more effective. You’ll make a better call impressions and achieve a higher answer-rate.

BellesLink has local numbers in every U.S. state and nearly all U.S. area codes.

Local Numbers, Local Presence, Matters

For skip tracers and anyone in the business of finding people, having a local numbers everywhere you do business is an important. If the calls you make aren’t being answered, if the messages you leave aren’t getting call-backs, maybe it’s time to strengthen your local presence.

With local numbers in every U.S. state and caller ID control on every call, BellesLink helps you get results and find people faster.