The Importance of NARS 2014

American Recovery AssociationAlex Price, nationally-recognized expert on the Art of Skip Tracing, wrote at about his experience at NARS 2013 and the Importance of NARS 2014 (The North American Repossessors Summit):

I tend to operate under the totem of the Bear, and as anyone with half a brain can tell you:  Don’t poke the Bear.  Well this Bear has come out of hibernation (my previously announced sabbatical) for this one-time blog post on a subject I felt compelled to share with all of you as we consider the annual gathering for the North American Repossessor Summit of 2014 in Dallas TX.

At the 2013 NARS convention I ran into a very old friend, Paul Kulas, with whom I had not spoken or seen in years.  What started as a chance encounter developed into a 4-hour conversation in the lobby of the hotel, allowing our old friendship to click once again as though we had been speaking to each other every day.  He was a scheduled presenter for NARS 2013, and he delivered one of the most engaging talks of the event.  I truly hope they bring him back and give him more time to talk!

Now for those of you who might be questioning the value of attending the scheduled event in 2014, my experience of running into Paul Kulas proves that NARS 2014 can deliver the future of the industry by melding the best of the past with the science of tomorrow.

I have indeed been invited back to speak at NARS 2014 next March.

Going to NARS last year has made a big difference for us. I hadn’t had face time with my good friend Alex in…too long. Now, I’m going to the great state of Alabama to visit with him. Maybe he’ll take me to a barbecue joint?

Remember this commercial? I think this video is a good reminder of the value of face-to-face and what it can mean for our business and our customers:


So I can’t say enough about the value of shaking hands and being there live. If our only connection to each other is digital, it’s too easy to break that connection. I’ve recommitted to traveling, seeing my beloved customers.

See you at NARS!

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