Free Outbound Calling For All your Investigations

BellesLink Skip Tracing Software with Free Outbound Calling

Last month we talked about database search savings, now with BellesLink skip tracing software you can save even more. BellesLink now includes Free, Unlimited Outbound Calling. When we say unlimited we mean it, there are no strings, no gotchas, no hidden costs. You can make free browser calls out to any number. You can link each call to a case and record your calls, free, making it that much easier to stay within compliance.

Free Outbound Calling Saves You Money

How many people are in your office? What’s the monthly cost to make calls? Do your people make calls from home? Do they make calls out in the field using cell phones?

BellesLink eliminates phones, phone lines, and any other associated hard costs when making calls. It also makes your people more productive. Save money, connect with skips, close cases.

With BellesLink, what used to big variable, is now a low, fixed monthly cost. Better skip tracing software has arrived.

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BellesLink for Inbound Calls

As part of our Free Outbound Calling feature, you can also have BellesLink handle your inbound calls, as well. Unlimited Inbound Calling to your BellesLink local numbers is just $30.00 per user/month. Outbound and Inbound Calling through BellesLink eliminates the overhead of phone lines, equipment and telephone services used for skip tracing calls.

To find out more about unlimited calling, call or schedule a BellesLink demo today.

Other New BellesLink Features

BellesLink adds Unlimited Database Searches