BellesLink Adds Six New Databases for Skip Tracing

Six New Skip Tracing Databases from BellesLink

BellesLink is happy to announce the addition of 6 new databases to our skip tracing platform.

Like successful skip tracing, BellesLink is built on Information, Communication and Organization. To help our customers be successful, we’ve expanded our built-in Information tools with new database searches for automobile owners, bankruptcy, email and demographics.

Here’s an amazing statistic: 76% of repo assignments have wrong addresses. That means agents have a 1-in-4 chance of finding the skip with the address information they’re given. Using the BellesLink skip tracing platform improves those odds.

With our new databases, BellesLink customers now have instant access to 16 types of free searches for gathering current, accurate information on skips. For repossessions, collections and investigations, customers tell us BellesLink data is as good as it gets.

Built-In Skip Tracing Searches

Six New Skip Tracing Databases from BellesLink

BellesLink Database Searches are Free

All 16 built-in databases are free and included with a BellesLink subscription. Customers can lower their data costs significantly by using BellesLink instead of pay-per-search databases.

Your program is a huge factor in the success of our company. The choices in the different numbers, the ability to trap the numbers and all the free searches are used constantly throughout every day of our operation. Good job and thank you!
April Barr, Bohall and Associates

More Accurate Search Results.

As part of these skip tracing database updates, we’ve also improved the quality BellesLink search results. Searches now deliver 15%-20% more search results with information that is 15%-20% more accurate. If databases are an important part of your workflow, your job just got 20% easier.

Built-In Databases Work Best

Because gathering and verifying information quickly is important for productivity, BellesLink databases automatically link search results to the case. With just a click skip tracers can search a number, an address, a name, from right inside the case file. Choose new results to add back to the case and immediately beginning putting that information to use. Why are built-in databases best? Because they save so much time, on average, 30 to 60 minutes per day, per skip tracer.

Fast Information Makes Skip Tracing Profitable

Gathering and verifying information with built-in databases, and having it flow automatically into a case manager, makes it profitable to do skip tracing on every assignment. Gathering current, accurate information from the office, not the street, saves time, cuts down on fuel costs and increase the odds of finding the skip.

  • Skip tracers make more right-party contacts.
  • Forwarders make more first-party resolutions.
  • Repo agents make more first-night repossessions.

If you’re not using BellesLink, why not? Our customers are saving time and money. Now, with 16 free, built-in databases, the odds of finding your skip just got better.