Only Good Batch Skip Tracing Phone Numbers

Only good batch skip tracing phone numbers.

When batch skip tracing phone numbers, there is a dirty data secret batch search services don’t want you to know. The secret is they don’t test the phone numbers they give you. They don’t know if they are working numbers or disconnected. They leave it to you to call each one and find out. If your time is wasted calling the disconnected numbers they gave you, so be it.

The Disconnected Phone Number Secret

Here is a typically story we hear time and time again from our customers who have used other batch search websites.

A service offers a low low price on batch skip tracing. There’s no sign-up, no account qualification, just upload your list, pay the fee, and get your results. A new real estate investor gives the service a try because the low price will help them stretch their limit marketing budget.

When they get their results back everything looks great. Their list got an 70% hit rate and they’ve got hundreds of phone numbers to call. As soon as they start cold-calling, though, they discover that many of the phone numbers aren’t working numbers, they’re disconnected. They make the best of it and power through the list.

When they review their results, they see that 30% of their time was wasted calling bad numbers. When they calculate what the wasted time and bad data cost them, it’s clear the low price they paid was no bargain. In fact, it actually cost them more in time, labor, and frustration.

This is a common story, with a common result. Among other batch services a 30% loss is typical. It’s a bad data secret they don’t want you to know. Of course, you eventually discover it for yourself.

No Disconnected Numbers in BellesLink Batch Search

We think it’s unacceptable to give our customers anything but the best batch skip tracing phone numbers.

We test every phone number in our batch people search results to be sure it’s a working number. If the number is disconnected we don’t include it in your results. We don’t want you to waste your time calling bad numbers. You can be confident that every phone number in BellesLink batch search results is a working number.

A High 80% Hit Rate

Because BellesLink uses credit bureau-level data for all our searches, including batch search, we have an average hit-rate of 80% plus. If you search a list of 100 names and addresses, you’ll typically get back results for 80. After we’ve removed all the disconnected numbers, those results will typically include 3 good, working numbers per search.

The bottom line is from a high-quality list of 100 names and addresses, you can expect to get back 240 working phone numbers from BellesLink.

Saving Time Saves You Money

As I wrote about in Understanding Batch Skip Tracing Data QualityUnderstanding Batch Skip Tracing Data Quality, good quality data saves you time, and saving time saves you money. We know many of our customers, and small businesses like them, want to build efficient workflows to make their skip tracing as effective as possible.

In our experience, nothing kills the ROI of batch skip tracing phone numbers as quickly as bad data, and specifically disconnected numbers. That’s why we eliminate them from our batch search results.

So, be careful when you’re tempted by an advertisement for a new low cost batch search service. It just might cost you a lot more in the end.