Batch Search Keeps Getting Better

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In January BellesLink launched the beta test of our new Batch Search skip tracing tool. At the end of February we released a major update that dramatically improved the hit rate and quality of results.

Since then we’ve heard from many customers who are getting great results from Batch Search and we’ve been collecting feedback on ways to improve the tool. So I want to share with you the latest Batch Search improvements and tell you what’s coming next.

BellesLink is the best! I just started using them and got a lead from the batch search and closed the deal. Thank you BellesLink! | Kiambu Bryant, 2nd Chance LLC

What’s New

82% Hit Rate

The average hit rate we’re seeing on customer-run batches is an excellent 82%! So for every 100 records Batch Search is returning 82 addresses with good phone numbers and emails.

3 Good Numbers per Address

We know finding current phone numbers is important to your business. So Batch Search results now include only good numbers. Customers are getting an average of 3 good phone numbers per address in their batch results. For example, a 100 record batch will return 82 addresses with a total of 246 good phone numbers!

Call, Text, or Email From Batch Results

You can now place a call or send a text or email directly from your batch results. This simple addition to Batch Search can save you a lot of time. Click the “View” link next to a batch result then hover over phone number. You’ll get an Actions menu with calling and texting choices. For emails, just click the address. What the tutorial on how to make calls from Batch Search.


What’s Next

Here’s what’s coming in our next update to make Batch Search work even better for you.

Easy File Upload

Formatting and exporting the data in your batch file can be challenging if you’re not familiar with spreadsheets. Our next update will feature a new and improved file uploader that will let you use your existing spreadsheet and will help with data formatting.

Merged Result Export

Some customers need to merge their batch results into their original spreadsheet. This can be a difficult data task. Along with easier file upload, our next update will allow you to export your batch results and your original data as one merged file. Easy!

Streamlined Calling & Texting

BellesLink includes both database searches and a business phone system, and we’re creating a more streamlined integration between the two. From your Batch Search results you’ll be able to export all phone numbers to a contact list you can use to make phone calls and send texts. You can make all your sales calls right from your BellesLink account.

Good and Getting Better

With a high hit-rate and good number results, Batch Search is quickly becoming a favorite for many BellesLink customers because it saves them so much time. If you haven’t used it yet, we encourage you to give it a try.

If you’re not yet a BellesLink customer watch a demo and sign up today.