Batch Search Gets Better–Bulk Skip Tracing Improved


Go from list to leads faster.

We’ve just released our biggest Batch Search update yet, adding features that will save you time when you’re uploading your lists and downloading your results. We’ve eliminated all the hassles of formatting data and saving separate spreadsheets so you can focus on turning your list into leads. 

Spend less time formatting lists and more time creating leads.

Full Names Are No Problem

You don’t have to waste your time separating the names in your list into first-name column and last-name columns, BellesLink now does that for you, saving you a ton of time.

Keep Your List Format. Extra Columns Are OK.

Forget the hassle and wasted time spent formatting your list to match a spreadsheet template. Now you can upload your own spreadsheet format, with any number of columns, and tell us which columns to use. You don’t have to delete extra columns and risk losing your list data.

Magically Merge Results Into Your List

When you upload your list we save a copy of that file in your account. When you download your Batch Search results you can choose to have BellesLink merge them back into your original spreadsheet. Like magic, good phone numbers, addresses, and emails have been added to your list.

We’ll Teach You How to Skip Trace

Skip tracing is new to many of our customers so we work hard to give you the training you need to be successful. The BellesLink Exchange, our customer support site, has dozens of tutorials on how to do skip tracing with BellesLink’s tools.

If you’re not already a BellesLink customer watch a demo then signup today.